Saturday, September 24, 2022

September 24, 2022 Lunch - Salmon, Rice, and Seaweed Salad. Dinner - Picnic at Globalquerque

 September 24, 2022 Lunch - Salmon, Rice, and Seaweed Salad. Dinner - Picnic at Globalquerque 

Today as another two meal and a snack day.

I woke up at 8:00 and watched EUFA matches for a while.  I don’t know if it was an upset, but Slovenia beat Norway 2 to 1.

Suzette got hungry around 11:30. We decided to eat PPI Teriyaki Grilled Salmon with rice and Seaweed Salad, so I made a cup of rice.  We drank the lovely Calstar Sauvignon Blanc with the meal.

We then drove to Costco and bought Mayo, eggs, heavy cream, French baguettes, Dubliner cheese, and Jarlsberg cheese, plus coffee, Yukon Gold potatoes, multi grain crackers, bratwurst, and Charcuterie.

When we returned home at 2:15 I was able to watch the last 20 minutes of the Portugal v. The Czech Republic which Portugal won 4 to 0.

We lay down and Suzette napped until 4:00 and I watched Texas Tech pull off a stunning upset of University of Texas.

Suzette then went to the kitchen and made basil mayonnaise and then a quince, apple, and raisin tart.

We each ate a baked apple at 5:00 drizzled with heavy cream as a snack.

While she was baking I prepped dinner. I made three sandwiches for me by spreading fresh basil mayonnaise on 3 toasted slices of baguette and then laying salami and ham and slices of cumin flavored Gouda.  I then packed charcuterie and lettuce and suzette fetched the picnic basket and a tablecloth and fetched and filled the thermos with Cherry Blossom Pinot noir.

We also packed the round of brie and container of dried olives and a package of multi grain crackers.

At 6:00 we drove to the NHCC for Globalquerque.  When we arrived a Northern New Mexican group named Nuevo Luna as playing Northern New Mexico songs bit new and old in the plaza Mayor.  We laid out our dinner and ate while we listened.

We then went to several different venues and listened to music until 11:15, when we returned home and went to bed.

Another wonderful day of food and music.

Bon Appetit

Friday, September 23, 2022

September 23, 2022 Lunch - 2000 Vietnam Duck Soup. Dinner - Vichyssoises. Globalquerque

September 23, 2022 Lunch - 2000 Vietnam Duck Soup. Dinner - Vichyssoises. Globalquerque

This turned out to be a fabulous day.  I slept until 8:30 then worked a little and then called Sheryl Bolton Johnson to find out about her concerns about Linda Grace and ended up having a lovely over an hour conversation until 11:30.

I finished up a small project and at 1:00 drove to 2000 Vietnam and ordered duck soup which is my favorite soup there.

Duck soup is a large bowl with a hind quarter of roasted duck, a bundle of rice vermicelli, onion slices, fried onion strips, and 1/2 inch slices of green onion served in a pho broth. I love it.

I ate 1/2 and the proprietress packed the remaining soup in a take out soup container for me.

I drove home arriving at 2:30 and lay down to rest until Suzette came home at 3:30 and even after until 5:00 when Suzette called me to dinner.

She had fetched the vichyssoise from the garage and ladled bowls of it into soup bowls and garnished each bowl with finely sliced fresh chive ringlets from our garden.

I toasted and buttered a whole wheat dinner roll and ate it with my soup.

We then drove to the NHCC for this year’s Globalquerque that started at 6:20.

We stayed until 10:20. There are three different stages with bands.  This year’s music was spectacular in quality or just because this is the first time we have been able to enjoy live music in a crowd in over two years.

When we returned home I ate the last piece of tiramisu cake with a cup of chai to make sure my minuscules did not fatigue. I guess my diet starts tomorrow.

It has been a lovely and busy week.  The wine tasting on Wednesday was terrific, Globalquerque was great tonight.  We will attend another evening of Globalquerque tomorrow night and Sunday we will have lunch with Linda and T.R. at the Museum Hill Restaurant.

I noticed that my legs held up for about the first 85% of the evening and I never triggered my condition, so I may be making progress in my building back some strength in my leg muscles, although sitting down and standing up are still challenging.

Bon Appetit

Thursday, September 22, 2022

September 22, 2022 Breakfast - Bagel, cream cheese, prosciutto, and cheese Lunch - Potstickers with Seaweed salad. Snack- Baked Apple. Dinner - Salmon and eggs

September 22, 2022 Breakfast - Bagel, cream cheese, prosciutto, and cheese  Lunch - Potstickers with Seaweed salad. Snack- Baked Apple. Dinner - Salmon and eggs 

I woke up at 5:30 and watched news until 6:30 and then slept until 8:30.

Today I wanted to re-start an exercise regime.

At 9:30 I toasted two slices of bagel and spread them with cream cheese and lay a thin slice of prosciutto and slices of Dutch cumin flavored Gouda on each and drank chai for breakfast.

I worked a while and then lay down and rested until 1:00 when I walked 1/2 mile around the block.  

When I returned home I stir fried ten potstickers in 3 T. of peanut oil and1 tsp. of sesame oil in my wok.  I had much better control over the flipping the potstickers with chop sticks in the wok with its curved sides than a skillet with a flat bottom.

While the potstickers fried I made a dipping sauce with chili oil and soy sauce plus a thinly sliced green onion.

When the potstickers were lightly browned I moved them to a plate and added a pile of seaweed salad to the plate.

I also made a cup of green tea to drink with lunch.

After lunch I rested until 3:30 when the mail arrived bearing a check.

So I drove to the bank and deposited the check and Omar, who is the new manager and an old friend taught me how to make a deposit from my I Phone with the Wells Fargo app.

I then drove to Lowe’s and bought a carton of heavy cream.

When I arrived home at 5:00 I ate a baked apple doused with heavy cream, which is the way my Mother served them when I was young.

I lay down to read and Suzette arrived at 7:30, just in time to view Midsomer Mystery at 8:00.

I was a little hungry so I stir fried a piece of salmon with 2 oz. of red onion and then the salmon diced and then two eggs mixed with the remaining soy and chili sauce from lunch with the chopped garden greens.

I drank a cup of green tea with this dinner at 8:30.

Suzette had dinner and drinks with Debbie andvthe girls at Debbie’s house this evening.

We watched Midsomer Mystery until 9:30.

Suzette then soaked n the hot tub and I watched a bit more TV.

We went to bed at 10:00

I promise myself to begin to exercise more. I think if I can build up my muscles it will help overcome some of my joint pain.

Tomorrow is Globalquerque, so there will be lots of walking.

Bon Appetit

September 21, 2022 Lunch - Sliced Chicken Sandwiches. Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival To the Trade wine tasting.

September 21, 2022 Lunch - Sliced Chicken Sandwiches. Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival To the Trade wine tasting.

I awakened at 7:30 this morning and worked a little, so including meeting with Fernando to start the process of installing new windows on the here Northern windows in Willy’s apartment.

We then dressed and Suzette made Sliced Chicken and tomato sandwiches with the fresh basil mayonnaise.

We split a beer and I also drank a glass of kefir to settle my stomach.


At 1:30 we drove to the Santa Fe Convention Center for the to the trade wine tasting from 3:00 to 5:00.  As usual the convention hall was filled with about 100 wine vendors and producers spread out on tables on both sides of a huge aggregation of tables spread with Sysco food stuffs including two hot meat service stations, one with Roasted Prime Rb, pepper sirloin, and a standing rib roast of bison and the other with roasted pork and pulled pork.  There were also mini-gorditas and artichoke salad plus lots of other items. 

                                        Port and champagne with desserts

We started by drinking Argyle champagne at 3:10 and ended with an Australian dry Riesling from Eden Valley at 5:00. I particularly liked the Lanson Rose champagne and the Ridge Grenache Blanc.

                                                This was a lovely gigondas

       The last stop was a great Gruner and an amazing Australian dry Riesling 
                  This was my favorite, an amazing Albariño 

                          Wine, food, and drinkers from end to end

We left at 5:00 and ended up in the most awful traffic jam that left us bumper to bumper all the way from Cerrillos to the 6th St. I-40 exit.

My legs we sore and hurting and Suzette was kind enough to massage me and then rub in some CBD infused oil into my hip joints as I lay in bed.

I could not watch the third episode of the Holocaust series because it showed the stacks of bodies of killed people found by the American troops when they advanced through Europe to the Death camps.

I had seen those photos before and they were equally horrifying the first time.

I fetched Suzette a bowl of Vanilla ice cream and I ate a piece of tiramisu cake with vanilla ice cream and a cup of tea at 9:00.

I then went to bed and dozed until 11:30 when I brushed my teeth and read a bit and went back to bed.

Because of my lack of mobility this was the most enjoyable to the trade wine event I have attended because I ate and drank less than usual and did not get drunk or overly stuffed. Because I drank less I chose those wines that really appealed to me rather than drinking indiscriminately.

Bon Appetit

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

September 20, 2022 Lunch - Weenie Egg Foo Young. Dinner - Greenhouse Bistro Roasted Chicken with Green beans and rice

September 20, 2022  Lunch - Weenie Egg Foo Young. Dinner - Greenhouse Bistro Roasted Chicken with Green beans and rice 

Today was another two meal day.

I worked until lunch.  I decided to use the leftover rice, egg whites and garden greens Suzette picked last night and add red onion, ginger and 1/2 of a beef stick. I added an egg to the 3 egg whites plus 1/2 T. of soy and 1/2 T. of Chinese coking wine.  I then sautéed the onion and ginger.  I chopped up 1/2 cup of kale and chard.  I sliced the beef stick into then rounds and after a few minutes added the beef slices and rice to the wok.


After another minute I added the chopped greens and stirred all the ingredients so the beef slices would crisp on both sides.

I then added the egg mixture and let the dish cook for several minutes until the egg browned and firmed.  I then flipped the dish and let it cook on the other side to fully cook the dish while I made a cup of tea.

The dish was delicious.  This one of my favorite dishes because you easily cook all the ingredients into a delicious meal.

I used chop sticks to tear pieces off the cooked egg Foo Young cake.

I then napped until 3:30 and drove to Shahin’s office to deliver my tax records for preparation of my taxes.

I was caught in the 5:00 traffic when I left Shahin’s at 5:00, so I decided to drive tip-off the Sprouts at Academy and San Mateo, where I bought 16-20 count shrimp, a head of red leaf lettuce, portobello mushrooms, green beans, and rolled oats.

I made it home by 6:00.

Suzette had brought home a lemon and tarragon flavored roasted chicken from the Greenhouse Bistro.  I snapped about a cup of green beans and Suzette mixed the green beans with some PPI rice and heated the dark meat quarters of chicken and then the rice and green beans in the microwave.

We drank cocktails we made with dinner, a gin and tonic for me and a scotch for Suzette.

Willy came over a little later with a wild story about being accosted by a threatening person at his apartment and his laundry.

Suzette made Willy a plate with PPI Teriyaki Salmon and the last of the rice and green bean mixture.

The rice was rather special I used a bit more than 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice and added a small handful of dried lilly flowers and chopped kombu seaweed and a tsp. of Knorr dehydrated chicken stock to the water at the beginning of the boil.

I ate a piece of tiramisu cake later with a cup of tea as I watched the second episode of the America and the Holocaust series on PBS.

Suzette will not watch it.  I think it is anxiety created by being confronted by what the Germans did to the Jews.

Bon Appetit 

Monday, September 19, 2022

 September 19, 2022 Breakfast - Chai and Fig Bar Lunch - French Onion Soup. Dinner - Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikki Masala and Rice and Fresh Greens

I woke up at 7:00 and watched the Funeral for QEII but missed the first funeral in Westminster Cathedral with a cup of chai and a fig bar for breakfast.

I spent several hours today revising and updating my insurance coverage for my art.

At 1:00 I fetched the casserole of PPI French Onion Soup from the garage and heated it.  I sliced and toasted a whip olé wheat dinner roll and lay slices of Jarlsberg cheese on each toasted half and melted the two halves for 23 seconds in the microwave to melt the cheese.  I ladled soup into a bowl and lay the two pieces of bread on the heated soup and voila, I had a bowl of wonderful French onion soup in 10 minutes.

After lunch I continued my art insurance project until 4:00 and then rested and watched Ari Melber.

Suzette came home around 4:30.  She asked me what I wanted for dinner and after I was ambivalent she said she would look in the freezer.

At 5:30 I joined her in the TV room and discovered that she was defrosting a package of Trader Joe’s prepared Chicken Tikki Masala.

I spread Boursin French cheese on pita chips as we watched Shepard Smith’s news program with Suzette.

At 6:00 Suzette went to the garden and picked a basket full of different kales and some chard.  I destemmed the greens’ leaves and then diced 2 oz. of red onion and 2 cloves of garlic.  

Suzette stir fried the onion and garlic and then added. 2 cups of PPI rice and finally the chicken Tikki Masala in the wok.

She fetched a beer and poured 1/2 in a glass for me and then served the one dish meal with the apple and raisin chutney Suzette made with apples from our tree. And I fetched the Swad mixed pickle. 

Later we ate some of the leftover Tiramisu cake Monika and Aaron brought for dinner last Monday’s evening dinner with tea and cognac.

It was an easy dinner that was very enjoyable.

We watch some football on then retired to bed at 9:30.

Suzette to sleep and I to blog and read.

Bon Appetit

Sunday, September 18, 2022

September 18, 2022 Breakfast - BLTSandwiches Lunch - Charcuterie Sandwiches. Dinner - Cedar Plank Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, Rice, and Seaweed Salad

September 18, 2022 Breakfast - BLTSandwiches  Lunch - Charcuterie Sandwiches. Dinner - Cedar Plank Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, Rice, and Seaweed Salad

Today we had lovely simple food and an amazing wildlife experience.

I watched the news and soccer (Arsenal held its first place position in the PL) from 6:00 until 10:00.

Suzette worked in the garden, watering and picking tomatoes.

At 8:30 Suzette made us Bacon, fried egg, Lettuce, Tomato sandwiches on whole wheat sandwich bread spread with freshly made Basil Mayonnaise with a small pile of fresh cantaloupe cubes.

We both drank glasses of Clamato juice, mine with lime juice and Suzette’s with vodka, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce (a Bloody Mary).

I then showered and dressed and we drove to the south end of the southern duck pond where there was easy access to the path to the blind on the southern pond in the Bosque.

I walked slowly to the blind where two young men were fishing.

Soon after we arrived we saw an Osprey fly down from a tree and try to catch a fish with its talons.  He missed and flew back up into a tree and repeated this fishing routine several times before flying away.

We had never seen an Osprey before.  I count this as one of the most momentous nature experiences of my life.

The Osprey was huge with a wing span of about 6 feet from wing tip to wing tip.

When we returned home I was tired and my muscles were sore, perhaps because I had not eaten. I sliced and toasted two slices of French baguette and spread them with basil mayonnaise.  I then lay slices of thinly sliced red onion cured ham and prosciutto and lettuce.  I added Moroccan dried olives and slices of dill pickles and opened a bottle of chilled Heineken beer and at a lovely lunch at 1:30. I then flipped the salmon in the freezer bag half submerged in teriyaki marinade in the meat drawer of the fridge.

After lunch I lay down and rested until 5:30 when Suzette wanted to start dinner.  Suzette Cut and soaked cedar planks of a size to accommodate the large salmon filets we had marinated.

I made a cup of rice with added dried lily bids and chopped seaweed.

I then made a gin and tonic and sat down to watch football and ySuzette took over the grilling of the salmon when the rice was almost done. 

Suzette fetched the new bag of Korean seaweed salad we bought at Costco.

When the salmon was grilled to perfect medium rare, Suzette brought it in and plated 6 oz. Portions on a pile of rice with a pile of seaweed salad on the side.

This one of our favorite dinners.

Suzette drank water with dinner and I made a cup of Chinese Green tea.

After dinner we watched, the Marrakech episode of “Who is feeding Phil”. My favorite scene is a rooftop dinner with a Berber family in the Atlas Mountains on the edge of a deep gorge with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

After Phil we watched Aaron Rogers and Green Bay smash the Chicago Bears and after Suzette went to bed I watched the new Ken Burns series titled “America and the Holocaust”.  Apparently the Nazis modeled their Jewish laws on the Jim Crow laws of the American South.

I later drank a cup of chai and ate a few biscochitos.

Bon Appetit