Friday, February 8, 2019

February 8, 2019. Lunch – Cassoulet. Dinner – Shrimp Salad and Steamed Clams

February 8, 2018 Lunch - Cassoulet. Dinner -+Shrimp Salad and steamed clams

Today was interesting from a food standpoint.  I finished peeling and dicing three mangos and five oranges to complete the tropical fruit salad. Then I ate granola, yogurt, and fruit salad or breakfast.

Then I called Peter to invite hm to join me for Cassoulet for lunch.  When he arrived at noon I heated the PPI cassoulet and heated a baguette in the oven until the crust was crisp.  I sliced the baguette in half and put butter on the table and poured glasses of Paton-Clemente Tempranillo Crianza.  Peter loved the cassoulet, especially dipping the toasted bread into the bean, sausage, and duck meat stew.

I had an amazing day in the Market.  I sold Apple at 169.20 near the open and watched the stock go up and down. Finally five minutes before the close I bought it back at 169. 92 and watched in amazement as Apple rose to 170.41.  So instead of a $.72 cent loss, I had a $.26 loss.  A lucky opportunity to cut my losses when I guessed wrong about the market.

I took a nap in the afternoon and around 5:00 talked to Suzette about dinner.  She approved my plan to make a shrimp salad.  I boiled 15 large shrimp, peeled them and chilled them in the fridge. I then chopped a bunch of curly kale and lay it on a layer of romaine lettuce leaves. Then I diced three Roma tomatoes, sliced an avocado, and peeled and sliced 1/2 of a cucumber. I made a special dressing soaking a diced shallot in juice of ½ lemon for thirty minutes and then added 2/3 cup of prepared mayonnaise, a T. of horseradish, 2 T. of catsup, ½ T. of olive oil, and ½ T. of Amontillado sherry.

Suzette arrived around 6:30 with a bag of fresh clams, which she steamed in a fume made with white wine, butter and water plus garlic salt, and pepper.

I composed the salad by mounding chopped kale on the lettuce, then added diced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and shrimp.  Here is a picture before and after dressing.

Suzette brought the pot of steamed clams to the table and we forked them as we ate salad.  We opened a bottle of Luzada Albariño ($7.99 at Trader Joe’s) and found it really tasty.   We will buy more.  It was great with the seafood.

After I ate my salad I drank a cup of the rich clam broth.

Later I drank three cups of chai to help digest the huge meal.

This was a really healthy and filling meal, salad and seafood protein with a nice new wine.

A happy day of good food.

Bon Appetit

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