Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December 9, 2019 Lunch – La Laguna. Dinner at Linda and T.R.’s in Bali Village

December 9, 2019 Lunch – La Laguna. Dinner at Linda and T.R.’s in Bali Village

We had to buy more food for the week in Sayulita.  We also had been communicating with T.R. and Linda about dinner and had agreed to buy fish for dinner.  We woke up around 8:00.  Suzette made coffee with steamed milk for her and me.  I sautéed the bollia I bought yesterday in a skillet with butter.  I turned out to be made of cake batter instead of the usual fluffy cotton candy consistency inside of a bollia.

I enjoyed with coffee and spread cherry preserves on the bollia.  Then we took showers and dressed.  The person who shared the bus ride from the airport to the Budget rental office recommended La Laguna Restaurant and Comer supermarket, so at around 10:00 we drove toward Bucerias and went to the fish market at La Luz where the northern side of Banderas Bay meets the eastern side of the bay.

The La Luz fish market is extensive with lots of fishmongers and wholesale shippers.  There is every type of fish caught in the area.  For example I saw a 600 lb. whole yellowtail tuna as well as cut pieces of Aji Tuna.  We bought one pound each of large shrimp, Aji Tuna, grouper and a cooler to put those fish into, which the fishmonger packed in bags and then packed in ice in the cooler.

We then drove to the Comer store located in the large shopping center south of Bucerias next to the Mega supermarket. It is two tiered with the grocery store on the second level and other shops and covered parking n the ground level.  The store was featuring an extensive selection of seasonal items from Portugal and Spain.  While Suzette walked the ¼ mile to the bathroom I selected a roll of chocolate filled cookies.  We then bought a handful of a new herb that is eaten in mole, limes, bananas, mung bean sprouts, white mushrooms, red mole, sliced ham, sliced Swiss cheese, Penefiel mineral water, mayonnaise, three integral bolillas, Cholula hot sauce,  a box of 20 bags of lime blossom (tilapia) tea and sun tan lotion.  The wine and spirits selection was extensive covering a large area.  We selected a liter bottle of Castillo Anejo rum (my favorite Mexican brand) for 101 pesos ($6.00), a bottle of Spanish Viura white wine, a bottle of Argentinian Torrones, and a bottle of Spanish rose for about $7.50 each. We were interested in Moctezuma Brewing Company’s seasonal bock beer, Noche Buena.  Suzette asked a stocker where it was and we were led to a stack of 12 bottle cases.  We bought one for T.R.and Linda and one for us ($10.00 per case).  Our total bill was $85.00.

We then drove further south to Nuevo Vallarta and near the Ameca River which forms the boundary between the states of Nayarit and Jalisco we found Calle Nayarit and the Laguna Restaurant.  It was a large seafood restaurant located on the side of a lagoon in the marshes and estuary of the river and filled with turtles.  When we parked the parking assistant asked us if we wanted our car cleaned of the bird drippings and dust it had accumulated parking under trees in a Sayulita last night.  We asked how much and he said, “Just a tip”.

The restaurant was not crowded so we were shown to a table next to the wall forming the edge of the lagoon.  We immediately saw turtles as other customers fed them fish food.  A sign by our table said to not feed the turtles table food and that turtle food was available for purchase for 10 pesos, so Suzette bought a small bag and fed the turtles and took pictures of the feeding frenzy as dozens of turtles converged on our table. It was around 12:30 and Suzette had not eaten, but I was less hungry, so we decided to share an order of marlin tacos and an order of whole octopus and started filling ourselves with the gratis tortilla chips, and fresh pico de gallo. The marlin tacos were served first.  They were fresh marlin meat sautéed in an assortment of herbs and spices and rolled into three corn tortillas.  We put a small amount of pico de Gallo in each and ate those.  Soon the whole octopus was served.  It was six tentacles with the head cut out, sautéed in garlic sauce and served with rice and

steamed vegetables with garlic bread.  We asked for corn tortillas instead and the bread disappeared and in a couple of minutes a waiter delivered a basket filled with four warm corn tortillas wrapped in a cloth napkin.  I cut the octopus into bite sized pieces with the steak knife served with the dish and we made tacos of octopus, rice and pico de Gallo.  I drank a Negra Modelo and Suzette drank the best margarita she said she had ever had. I thought the octopus was the best I had ever had, so we counted our meal at La Laguna a success.  The waiter boxed the remainder of out meal we could not finish and we declined dessert.  The meal with the $8.00 world class margarita and octopus plus 15% tip totaled 600 pesos (about $32.00).

We then returned to Sayulita.  There is a really long light in Bucerias where they sell flowers.  We asked a lady with a bouquet of Lillie’s the cost and she said  150 pesos, we did not have that so we negotiated for two blooms for 50 pesos and she broke off the two prettiest blooms and took our 50 pesos ($2.25).  We also stopped at one of the jungle fruit and salt stands beside a copper wares stand on the jungle road near Sayulita, where we bought 4 bags of sea salt totaling approximately 10 pounds of salt for 50 pesos.  We saw fresh star fruit and the lady showed us fresh jack fruit that had been peeled and wrapped for35 pesos, so Suzette picked two star fruit and we took the plastic tray of jack fruit for a total 105 pesos.  I gave her 103 pesos, which was all I had and she took it.

I noticed one tire was dangerously low, so we asked where to find a tire store (llanteria).  This was a déjà vu experience.  I had not had a tire leak in probably forty years.  We did not see a llanteria so we drove to the Pemex station at the Sayulita turn off and had the tire filled.  When we asked the attendant where the nearest llanteria was he said around the corner.  We drove around the corner to an area beside the highway covered with a large tarp with piles of tires.  I asked the attendant to check

the tire and he went through the routine I had remembered from my youth.  He jacked up the car

beside the tire, removed the tire, let out the air, removed the tire from the rim, put soapy water on the
tire until he found the puncture, marked the spot with a grease pen, removed the small nail (I learned
a new word, clavo, nail), roughed the inside where the nail had punctured the tire, applied mastic to the area, let dry a bit, applied a patch, used a tool to press the patch firmly to the inside wall of the tire, checked the tire with soapy water again, handed Suzette the small nail he had removed from the tire, put the tire back on the rim, filled it with air, and put it back on the wheel with a power tool and wrote us a receipt for the 100 pesos $5.50) it cost for the repair in a total of fifteen minutes. Just another day at the office for the llanteria attendant, but the saving of our trip from disaster for us.  If the tire had gone flat on the jungle road to Bali Village, we may not have been found for days.

We drove back to the condo, put all our food stuffs away and lay down to rest and napped until 5:00, when we dressed and packed the star fruit, the jack fruit, some butter, and the bottle of Viura with the tuna in the cooler and drove to Linda and T.R.’s teak house in their Bali Village development in the jungle just south of Sayulita.

T.R. and Linda just published the history of their Moroccan import business located in Santa Fe named Nomads in a book titled “Lawrence of Marrakech” about how they started their Business through T.R’s love of Moroccan rugs.  I originally met T.R. at the traders’ Market at the race track in Santa Fe. We must be kindred spirits because we became good friends immediately.  We have stayed at their Bali Village house in Sayulita and their warehouse home in Marrakech and visit them regularly in Santa Fe, where they live.

When we arrived there was a chilled bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio in the fridge for Suzette and me, although T.R. drinks only good beer.  We gave them the 12 pack of Noche Buena and Suzette
explained its special seasonal significance and I put the bottle of Viura in the freezer to chill.  After drinks were poured Linda invited us to go to the patio for hor d'oeuvres  but I was compelled to make the salsa for the fish.  I made the salsa the way I make mango salsa, but with jack fruit and jack fruit
instead of mango plus 1/4 onion minced, 1 avocado diced and a generous squeeze of lime juice by
Suzette.  I then peeled and diced the small piece of ginger, two cloves of garlic and ¼ onion and added a squeeze of algae honey to make the glaze and sauce that Suzette was making for the tuna. While I worked in the kitchen Linda was cutting broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion, and squash for her steamed vegetables, so she was able to help me. Linda showed me a very important tip, how to eliminate harmful bacteria from fruits and vegetables, by bathing them in a solution of microdyn and water.  I will try to find some microdyn tomorrow.

We then went to the patio  and nipped cheese and crackers and chili coated roasted peanuts and sugar coated peanuts and talked for a while until it started to get really dark around 7:30 when we decided to cook.  Suzette, with T.R.’s help fired up the gas grill and salted and peppered and grilled the tuna while Linda steamed the vegetables and I sautéed the onion, garlic and ginger mixture in a small skillet with butter and olive oil Linda and T.R. Just brought back in October from their most recent trip to Morocco to give copies of their new book to their Moroccan business associates and friends, plus the squirt of algae honey.  Suzette glazed the tuna with the glaze while it was cooking and sauced the tuna with the rest of the glaze when it came off the grill.

           Getting ready to grill the tuna

                    Making the glaze/sauce

The blogger with the author 

Having drunk all the Pinot Grigio, we opened the bottle of by now chilled Spanish Viura and poured glasses for Suzette and me.

Everything was wonderful.  The newly discovered jack fruit and star fruit salsa was revelatory, a first for all of us and wonderful as a  complement to the fresh meaty tuna.  The veggies were great and Suzette’s idea to make an East/West glaze/sauce for the tuna was brilliant and took the tuna to a new level; infinitely fresh and infinitely interesting. I loved this meal  produced with so many ingredients
unique to this place.

We talked and drank after dinner until 10:00 and then said goodnight and drove back to the condo where we had a cup of tila tea and two cookies each before falling into bed.

What a great first day in Sayulita!

Bon Appetit

Monday, December 9, 2019

December 8, 2019 Lunch – Turkey Sandwiches. Dinner – Terra Viva, Sayulita

December 8, 2019 Lunch – Turkey Sandwiches. Dinner – Terra Viva, Sayulita

I awakened at 3:00 a.m. and sliced a bagel into three slices and toasted the slices and spread cream cheese on them and then lay thin slices of red onion and Gravad Lax on them.  I ate one with a cup of green tea and put the other two in sandwich bags.  We had made turkey and a Jarlsberg sandwiches the night before going to bed and put lettuce, a sliced tomato, and pickles into sandwich bags.

At 4:00 the alarm range us up. We dressed, packed our food bag and put grits and food into the car and drove to the airport.  We checked our bags and went to our plane that left Albuquerque at 6:00.  We arrived at LAX at 7:00 and had to wait until 11:15 for our flight to Puerto Vallarta.

We cleared immigration and  customs and was escorted to the rental car shuttle by an attendant when we arrived.  We picked up our car, a VW Venta and drove to Sayulita.  With some difficulty we found our rental on the hill south of town.  It is a nice modern unit with a small sitting and kitchen area, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

After Tony oriented us to the apartment, we drove to the center of town and took his suggestion and ate at La Terra Viva on the corner of the street between the plaza and the beach.  We shared two dishes, an appetizer called Stuffed Squid (calamari relleno), which was a large calamari stuffed with diced shrimp on a bed of sautéed vegetable, sliced into sections and  drizzled with a mayonnaise and catsup shrimp sauce.  We ordered the catch of the day, which was a grilled fillet of Mahi Mahi served on sautéed mixed vegetables and potatoes.  We loved both dishes.  As we left the restaurant we saw a couple eating a basalt grinding stone full of seafood stew.  I made a note to return to try the seafood stew.

We walked the one block to the square because that is where the market is. We bought coffee milk, cherry preserves, a bollia, an avocado, a head of garlic, an onion and four eggs for breakfast.

When we walked outside from the market there was a stage in front of the market with towns folk assembled on the square facing the stage and a group of young women dressed in brightly colored costumes  dancing on the stage, so we stopped to watch the festivities.  I am continually amazed by the blend of indigenous and religious in Mexico. The women dancers were wearing lovely costumes with a native flair dancing an intricate dance to celebrate the miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  This week of festivities we shall see in Sayulita and I suspect will be celebrated all over Mexico will honor Mexico’s patron saint, the Virgin  of Guadalupe.

The next dance was an all male dance by a group of young men dressed identically as railroad engineers all wearing black boots with taps on the heels and toes. They tapped their way around the stage even more intricately than the young women in unison so that their tapping became a part of and amplified the recorded music.

The dances were fabulous, but we were tired, so after the second dance we left and after several tries found our condo and went to bed. After a long 18 hour day of travel we were settled into our condo in Sayulita and had found a wonderful new restaurant and our first meal of fresh seafood.

Bon Appetit

Saturday, December 7, 2019

December 6, 2019 Lunch – Sushi Hana. Dinner – Sautéed NY Strip, Oyster Dressing, and Steamed Asparagus

December 6, 2019 Lunch – Sushi Hana. Dinner – Sautéed NY Strip, Oyster Dressing, and Steamed Asparagus

I got the electric and gas turned on at the building today and it was a super day in the Market with the Dow up 337 points to over 28,000 again.  I ate fruit salad with milk, granola, and yogurt for breakfast.

I walked to Bill Turner’s office at 11:15.  That is a post operation new world record.  Am I ready to jog on the beach in Sayulita?  We will find out next week

We walked to Sushi Hana at the corner of 6th and Central.  We both ordered Udon, that thick white wheat noodle cooked in a broth and served in a hot steel blackened pot.  I chose seafood udon and Bill chose vegetable udon. It turned out to be a lot of food.  We asked for and were served a bowl of pickled ginger, some unagi sauce and a fish sauce I had never seen before.  The fish sauce was thick and yellowish in color, not the clear amber liquid you find in Vietnamese restaurants.

The seafood included three shelled shrimp, small pieces of squid, octopus, fish cake slices cut in half, pieces of imitation crab, and small bay scallops.  I found the seafood udon quite tasty, especially when I added a bit of the fish sauce to it.  I dipped the small slices of squid into the unagi sauce.

After lunch I walked home doubling my new world record in distance.

When I returned home I rested until the Gas Company called to tell me the gas meter installer was on his way to 524 Romero to install the second gas meter.  I met him at 3:15 and waited until 5:45 for him to install and test the meter and gas appliances, by which time Suzette has arrived.  When Salvatore finished the installation, we walked the two blocks to the Plaza to join the crowd waiting for the Old Town Christmas tree to be lit.  A bit after 6:00 after the Christmas tree was lit we walked back up Romero looking in stores at the Christmas displays and goods for sale. We stopped at three stores.  The most interesting was a onyx store with internally lit Onyx boxes the were lovely.

We the drove home at 7:00. We had decided to sauté the steak Suzette thawed the day before and heated the oyster dressing and steamed a bunch of asparagus.  I opened the bottle of 2017 Amercay Malbec. It was not as delicious as the Crios Malbec two days ago ($7.99 at Trader Joe’s).

We watched three episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisal” and then went to bed.

Bon Appetit

Thursday, December 5, 2019

December 5, 2019 Lunch – East Ocean. Dinner – Cream of Sweet Potato Soup with a Bacon garnish and baked cheese sandwiches

December 5, 2019 Lunch – East Ocean. Dinner – Cream of Sweet Potato Soup with a Bacon garnish and baked cheese sandwiches

I woke up at 4:20 and read and analyzed until 6:30 and then rested until 8:00 and then showered and dressed and began working.  I was able to get the gas meter issues resolved and checked to make sure the electric split to the upstairs was progressing.

I did not eat breakfast due to the press of work so was hungry when I went to East Ocean for lunch with Robert.  When Robert did show up in 10 minutes I went ahead and ordered Moo Goo again Pan, which is the same assortment and preparation of stir fried Mixed Vegetables with chicken instead of fried tofu for $8.95 instead of $7.95.

Robert showed up and I apologized because Robert is a vegetarian.  He  was okay because when the dish came it contained as many or more mixed vegetables.  He took vegetables and I took both vegetables and chicken.  We splurged and drank tea.

After lunch I stopped at Lowe’s for a gallon of milk on the way home.

I worked until 4:00 and then walked about ½ mile, finally achieving what I consider my normal pace.

I drove to meditation and we had a great meditation. Both Sandy and Kevin sat, so it felt like a renewed three stones zen group.

I returned home at 6:00.  I suggested BLT sandwiches, but Suzette had a different idea.  She wanted for us to eat her Cream of sweet potato soup but took my idea for a BLT and garnished the soup with crumbled crisp bacon and modified my sandwich idea by making oven toasted cheese sandwiches with slices of beer cheese and tomato on whole wheat bread.  It was a delicious meal.  I wanted to drink something different so I opened the bottle of 2017 Harvester Estrella Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles that George and Sylvia gave me when they visited.  It was a very jammy wine that Willy loved but Suzette thought was too heavy for the meal.

The wine was impressive and a surprise to me.  I was expecting a light floral cab and instead was greeted by a jammy dark berry full bodied wine.  I enjoyed it as a wine, especially as it opened up and smoothed out a bit and became more fruity as I sipped it after dinner.  I think Harvester might be one of those wines that one sips with a good cigar.

I ate a toasted slice of banana nut bread smeared with orange and elderberry marmalade.

Bon Appetit

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019. Lunch- East Ocean. Dinner – The Feel Good

December 4, 2019. Lunch- East Ocean. Dinner – The Feel Good

 I ate granola, yogurt, milk, and ½ mango while I watched the Judiciary Committee opening statements by the democrats’ three experts.  I then worked until 11:15 when I drove to a East Ocean to meet Robert for lunch.  I misunderstood the date.  It appeared he meant Thursday, so I ate my favorite Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetables.

I then went to meet with Patty at her office.

At 1:30 I drove home and sent out bills and checked my portfolio and was pleased that it had regained the loss of yesterday and then some.  We will probably be on this sort of seesaw until the trade deal with China is resolved.

At 3:00 I went to the building to take pictures of the green tag on the plumbing and then drove to the Old Town Property Owners meeting where I met Brian and Robert from Left Hand Distilling.  I discussed the alterations of the building and Brian and Robert discussed their plans for the tap room.

The remarks were well received and I think we have the support of the group.  The next milepost will be the January 21 City Council meeting to obtain approval for a conditional use for a tap room.

I returned home around 4:30 and walked about 2/3 mile in the neighborhood while I talked to Amy on the cell phone, which was very pleasant.

I started watching TV when I returned at 5:30 and drank a hot buttered rum and a few crackers spread with shallot flavored Boursin.  A bit after 6:00 I received a call from Suzette and Willy asking me if I wanted to go out for dinner at the Feel Good, our new neighborhood restaurant.  I said, “Yes”, of course and soon the picked me up.

The Feel Good is the newest reincarnation of the small space at 1720 Central SW that has been renovated by Jay Rembe’s Company.  The restaurant is the latest venture in the neighborhood by the Vinaigrette restaurant owner, Erin Wade and is connected to the Modern General, with which it shares bathrooms.

The menu is eclectic.  Wednesday is fried chicken night so we ordered a large portion of fried chicken for $30.00 with sides of mashed potatoes and Cole slaw for $10.00.  The food was all needlessly picante for me. I did not care for it but liked the abundant super crispy batter on the fried chicken which was almost a meal in itself.

The best part of the meal was the wine.  Willy ordered a glass for $10.00 and we ordered a bottle for $38.00 of 2018 Chateau de Trinquvedel Tavel Rosé Grenache, Cinsault, Clairette, Mouvedre, Syrah from Tavel, France. It was a delicious wine and made me want to drink more tavels.  Willy told me that had we arrived before 6:00 we could have bought the bottle of rosé for ½ price.

So my impression is that Feel Good is a wonderful wine bar with reasonably good food, but at pretty high prices. Our tab before tip was $88.00.  With tax and tip it was $107.00, which I thought was expensive for eight pieces of fried chicken, bowls of mashed potatoes and Cole slaw.

Suzette’s comment was the best description, as usual.  She said, “We could have had the same meal for $10.00 if we had gone KFC and we could have opened a bottle of $6.00 Tavel rosé at home.

There were other items on the menu we might try in the future, such as a tomato tart.  Suzette tried to order fried calamari but the waiter said on Wednesdays they do not serve fried Artichokes or calamari because so many people order the fried chicken special.

But Willy likes to go out to eat and he likes trying new neighborhood restaurants, so from a family dining perspective, on balance it was an interesting dining experience.  Just one I will not repeat.

Bon Appetit

December 3, 2019 Lunch – Amerasia. Dinner – Sautéed Steak, Oyster Dressing, and Steamed Asparagus

December 3, 2019 Lunch – Amerasia. Dinner – Sautéed Steak, Oyster Dressing, and Steamed Asparagus

I ate two slices of toasted French Baguette smeared with cream cheese and garnished with thinly sliced red onion and Gravad Lax with green tea.  A lovely change of pace.

A went to a podiatry appointment that was cancelled at 1:1:30 and then to Trader Joe’s where I bought a baguette, two bottles of 2011 Vega de Origon Terra Alta Gran Reserva 40% Syrah and 60% Grenache ($5.99 and rated 3.7 by Vinvino) and a bottle of 2017 Amcay Malbec Reserva from Argentina for a Willy (Vinvino rates this bottle a 3.2) ($7.99) plus four boxes of Liquor filled cherry candies for Christmas gifts for clients.

I then met Aaron for a dim sun lunch at Amerasia. We ordered spicy pork rice, steamed buns, fried dumplings filled with beef, a steamed dumpling filled with beef and water chestnuts, and a fried scallion pancake.  Each small plate is $3.90. The table service is like every other dim sun restaurant I have been to; a server pushes a cart to your table filled with an assortment of items to chose from.  Both Aaron and I love this restaurant.

After lunch I drove home and worked until after 4:00, when I rode the short loop to Central and then to Marquez and back home.  This avoids riding under a bridge where the snow may still make the trail slick.

When I returned home I watched some of the business news on TV.  The exuberant multi-day rally  that preceded Thanksgiving has changed to a murky, tweet fueled decline in the Market of about 2% yesterday and today.  Sadly, the President still seems to believe that tariffs are an effective means of economic diplomacy and good for America.  He is still the bully when it comes to trade.  Wharton should revoke his degree.

Willy came home around 6:00 and Suzette at 6:45, after a Costco shopping run. After she rested with her usual after work Cocktail we started cooking.  Willy had eaten the last of the Turkey and dumplings before going to a meeting at 7:00, so he was not hungry.

Suzette and I had decided on the menu in the morning, grilled steak, oyster dressing, and steamed asparagus.  The fun part of the menu was combining the remaining 16 oz. jar full of oyster stew with the bowl of baked dressing from Thanksgiving to convert a dried out bready dressing into a moist oyster dressing.  I cut up the dressing into as many pieces as I could so the milk and butter of the oyster stew would permeate all parts, leaving it in the Soufflé dish in which it was baked.  I added the oyster stew and cut each of the three oysters into fourths and mixed everything together to distribute the liquid evenly.  Then I covered the Soufflé dish with Saran and heated the dressing in the microwave on the sensor re-heat setting for four minutes or so.  The result was a mixture of firm and gooey dressing, which was very appealing.

Suzette sautéed the steak in a skillet with butter, a couple of crushed cloves of garlic and a tsp of fresh thyme and snapped and steamed about 20 stalks of fresh asparagus I had bought at Smith’s last Tuesday for $1.47/lb.

I opened one of the bottles of 2011 Vega de Origon and poured glasses.

When the steak was cooked to medium, Suzette lay it on a cutting board and I sliced it.  Willy had returned home and joined us for dinner.  We served ourselves slices of steak, stalks of asparagus and spoonfuls of oyster dressing buffet style.  This was a great meal prepared with a minimum of effort, because we had all the ingredients readily at hand.  Suzette had thawed the steak out in the morning.

After dinner we sipped the rest of the wine with Belgium chocolates.

A fun evening of dining.

The big news today was the delivery of the House’s Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry report.  The report included phone logs of Rudy Giuliani with calls to the White House and Parnnas.  Lawrence O’Donnell had the Harvard Psychology professor who had written the book with 37 other professors on Trump’s psychological make up to analyze Trump’s statements made in England today.  His conclusion was that Trump has a very primitive ego which lacks empathy of any kind.  Not really a surprise.

Bon Appetit

Monday, December 2, 2019

December 2, 2019 Lunch – Turkey Salad. Dinner – PPI Turkey and Dumplings.

December 2, 2019 Lunch – Turkey Salad. Dinner – PPI Turkey and Dumplings.

I ate granola, milk, tropical fruit salad, and yogurt for breakfast again.

At 12:30 I made a salad with the red leaf lettuce, a Persian cucumber, and a tomato we bought yesterday at El Super, plus three radishes sliced, a diced piece of turkey and a diced slice of German Cambozola blue brie.  I added three diced anchovies, the juice of ¼ lemon and two T. of olive oil to refresh the Caesar salad dressing and drizzled some on the salad.

At 4:00 I walked 1/3 mile and felt better.

At 5:00 I snacked on corn chips and two thin slices of toasted French baguette spread with butter and Boursin, because Willy was eating the last of a container of posole.  At 6:30 Suzette heated the Turkey and dumplings and we ate bowls of it.

We later ate cranberry sauce with a slice of lemon cake.  I put chocolate sauce whipped cream, and a Grande Marnier on mine and Suzette put cognac and whipped cream on hers.

The market and my portfolio were down 1% today, the largest drop in two months.

After dinner Suzette combined the last of the turkey stock with e PPI whipped sweet potatoes and some grated ginger to make a lovely zesty cream of sweet potato soup.

We decided to combine the PPI oyster Stew with the PPI dressing tomorrow to see how that tastes.

The news was just as predictably depressing as usual with the President putting tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina, reducing America’s contribution to NATO, and publically ridiculing government employees.  Lev Parma’s has volunteered to bring forth damaging testimony that implicates Giuliani and Trump.  Such evidence could be interesting.

Bon Appetit