Thursday, January 10, 2019

January 9, 2018 Lunch – pate salad. Dinner – PPI Pot Roast with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, onion, and baby potatoes

I ate a whole wheat bagel smeared with cream cheese and garnished with slices of Gravad Lax for breakfast.

At noon I made another pate salad with romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, 1/3 cucumber sliced, ½ avocado, and two slices of beef pate dressed with Cesar dressing.  It was not as delicious today. Perhaps the thrill of newness is wearing off.

I drank water with the salad.

At 2:15 I checked the performance of my portfolio and found that I had another gain, with both the Techs and oil related stocks increasing.

Apple moved above 151.82, the price it repurchased it at, so I have now recovered from the 11 point drop and the last big 650 point drop of the Dow a week ago.

I met Willy and James Clark at Plaza del Sol for the LUCC meeting at 2:45.  James presented and got approval for our design for the remodel of the candy store at 524 Romero NW.

We are now two weeks away from being issued a building permit.

After the hearing at 3:40 I drove to Sprouts to shop.  I bought two filets of salmon for Gravad Lax, two pork tenderloins for $2.99/lb., green beans, Brussels Sprouts, tofu, yogurt, hamburger, nice asparagus for $2.99/lb., and granola.

When I returned home at 4:45 I was tired and sat and watched the news.

I gathered the ingredients for Mapo Dofu, but could not find the eggplant we bought the other day, so I decided to switch and make a Brussels sprout, onion, and potato casserole.

I had almost finished dicing the onion and Brussels sprouts , when Suzette arrived a bit after 6:00.  She poured on the potatoes, some of which I halved to reduce their size to bite-sized and she took over the roasting.  She tossed the vegetables in olive oil and salted and peppered them.  She then covered them with aluminum foil and roasted them in a 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes and then removed the aluminum foil and roasted them a bit longer to firm the skin of the potatoes.

I had thawed two small pork steaks, but Suzette wanted to re-heat the pot roast to eat with the roasted vegetables.  Soon we had a lovely hot dinner. Again I was amazed by how the mushroom sauce in which the pot roast cooked complemented the fresh roasted vegetables.

We drank the rest of the bottle of Charles Shaw Pinot Noir.  I had a bit left, so I toasted several slices of baguette, buttered them and put slices of Humboldt Fog on one and Brie on the others and ate them with the my glass of Pinot.

I had done the physical therapy exercises in the morning so I was a bIt sore, so I drank ½ glass of apple cider.

I became tired at 8:00 and was in bed by 8:30 after a somewhat active day.

I decided to delay making the Gravad Lax until tomorrow morning.

Bon Appetit

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