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January 10, 2018 Lunch – PPI Enchiladas and Posole. Dinner –PPI Enchiladas and Posole and Guacamole

January 10, 2018 Lunch – PPI Enchiladas and Posole. Dinner –PPI Enchiladas and Posole and Guacamole

I ate 1/3 of a bagel with cream cheese and Lax for breakfast.

I then prepared a new batch of Gravad Lax.  I mixed 1 cup of salt and ¾ cup of sugar with1/2 tsp. of fresh ground black pepper.  I then lay a layer of fresh dill in the bottom of a 6x9 inch Pyrex baking dish which held the matched salmon filets rather snuggly.  I then coated the skin side of one of the filets with the dry mix and lay it skin side down on the bed of dill.  I then coated the inside of the filet with mix and lay a thicker layer of dill on the exposed inside of the first filet.  I then coated the inside of the second filet with mix and lay it on the first filet.  I then poured the rest of the salt and sugar mixture on the skin side of the second filet and put some more fresh dill on top.  I then covered the dish with Saran and weighted it with a brick and put it into the fridge.  I usually turn the filets every 12 hours, but I flipped this batch once after 17 hours and will probably select a total curing time of 36 hours.

Here is a series of pictures of before and after the flip.

For lunch I ate a piece of the PPI Enchiladas we made a couple of nights ago with some of the Posole we made at Christmas.

I then went to my post op exam. In a moment the surgeon noted that my wounds appear to be healing properly and I didn’t seem to have developed any abscess, but what was interesting was that when I was weighed with my shoes and sweater on, I weighed 223 lb. I had lost over 10 lb. since being admitted to the hospital on Dec. 20.  I feel better and lighter as long as I do not over eat.

I saw a new BMW roadster I had never seen before in the parking garage.  Here are a couple of pictures of it.

After my post op appointment I  mailed my final 2018 federal tax installment.  What a great feeling to know that I have paid all my 2018 taxes.

When I got home I worked until 4:45 and then made guacamole with the soft insides of four or five avocados, several ounces of finely diced onion, two cloves of garlic, about ¼ tsp. of salt, about 1 ½ ounce of fresh Padilla chile, a few drops of Cholula sauce and, finally, the juice of  2 ½ limes.

I called to invite Willy to dinner and asked him to pick up a bunch of fresh cilantro.  I opened a fresh bag of corn chips and after he arrived I chopped about ¼ cup of cilantro and stirred it in and we began tasting the guacamole.

While waiting for Willy and Suzette to arrive I made a blueberry Clafoutis.  I buttered and sugared a
ceramic baking dish and measured 7 T. of flour and 10 T. of powdered sugar into a mixing bowl to which I added three beaten eggs and three cups of scalded rich milk (actually 2 cups of half and half and 1 cup of whole milk) plus about 15 oz. of blueberries.  I baked the Clafoutis for 50 minutes at 350.  Suzette came home as I was putting the Clafoutis into the oven.  No wishing to waste heat, she put the five small sweet potatoes I bought at El Super into the oven to bake with the Clafoutis.

In a few minutes Suzette fetched the enchiladas and Posole from the garage and heated them in the microwave and on the stove respectively.

Suzette fetched a Negra Modelo and I fetched a Modelo Especial lager and we served ourselves enchiladas and Posole.

I took too much and felt stuffed after dinner and compounded my stuffing with a few bites of blueberry Clafoutis.

We went to bed at 9:00 but I awakened at 1:30 and drank several cups of camomile tea flavored with honey and lime juice.

Today the news is particularly interesting on the Trump and Russia collusion front.  Yesterday pleadings filed by Manafort’s attorneys that were not properly redacted disclosed that Manafort shared the Trump campaign’s polling data with his former Ukrainian operatives with instructions to
give the data to a Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin and the Kremlin named Riposka? to whom Manafort owed money.

On December 19, 2018 the Executive branch lifted sanctions from two Russian companies Riposka controls.  There is a new law concerning the lifting of sanctions by the Executive branch that allows Congress to object within thirty days to and decision by the Executive branch to lift sanctions.  Today The House called Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to testify for 1 ½ hours to explain how it was decided to lift sanctions on Riposka’s companies and he gave evasive answers.  It looks like the House will object to lifting sanctions but more interesting is who or how was it decided to lift sanctions against these two formerly sanctioned companies.  In other words, there are more ties between the Russians and Trump’s campaign and they appear to be continuing to this day than we ever knew.

As one of the talk TV commentators said, “The national emergency appears to be the Trump Presidency.”

In retrospect, we cook and cook and cook, like we breath and breath and breath.

There has been a light drizzle of rain since dinner time and continues at 3:00 a.m. The  higher elevations  must be getting tons of snow.

Bon Appetit

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