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January 5, 2018 Lunch – Bagel, Cream cheese, and Lax dinner – Pot Roast with Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Carrots, potatoes and Onions

January 5, 2018  Lunch – Bagel, Cream cheese, and Lax  dinner – Pot Roast with Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Carrots, potatoes and Onions

I woke up at 7:00 and watched the last ten minutes of the Liverpool v. Man United match.  Liverpool won 3 to 1, which further confirms Man United’s slide out of the upper echelon of Premier League teams and Liverpool’s dominance of the Premier League this year.

I then made a deconstructed burrito.  I heated the PPI scrambled eggs with mushrooms, red onion, and Lax that I made for breakfast yesterday.  I put the scrambled eggs on a tortilla I had toasted on the gas burner and garnished it with some of Suzette’s five Chile salsa.  I drank my traditional morning tea during visit to Mexico, camomile flavored with honey and lime juice.

I then drove to Donut Mart in Montgomery at Jefferson to pick up 6 bagels and 8 oz. of lovely fresh cream cheese.  I said hello to Tahir and he invited me to his family’s Indian dinner being cooked by his mom Sunday evening.

I then drove to Costco and filled the car with gas.  I went inside to see if they still had whole salmon on sale for $5.99/lb. The next Seafood Fiesta will be next weekend, so I left without buying anything.

I drove to El Super.  When I arrived the store was packed with people.  I bought blue corn tortillas and requeson (Mexican cottage cheese) to make roast beef enchiladas with the leftover roast beef from this evening’s dinner.  I also bought a cucumber, a large avocado, a head of romaine lettuce, oranges, Roma tomatoes, carrots, ataulfo mangos, bananas, mushroom soup, eggs, milk, chocolate wafer cookies, smoked pork chops, and a lb. of heads on shrimp.

After I got everything home around 12:30 and unpacked I was rather tired.  I decided to eat a bagel with cream cheese for lunch. Luke was home and joined me, cutting the bagels in half and toasting them.  I put Lax on my everything bagel  and Luke ate his with a shmear of cream cheese.   Suzette came home at 2:00 and made me take a sugar tablet because I was complaining of being tired and wanting to lie down.  The sugar pill did the trick to get me feeling better.  I diced four or five carrots, three onions, and several heads of garlic, to which Suzette added some of the baby creamer potatoes we bought at Costco. The vegetable medley filled a 9 x 13 inch Pyrex baking dish.  Suzette also went to Lowe’s add bought dry onion soup mix for the gravy for the chuck roast.

Pot Roast

I did not ask her or watch her, but it appears that Suzette made a bowl with aluminum foil large enough to hold the two pieces of chuck roast.  Then she poured the two cans of mushroom soup over the meat contained within its aluminum envelope and then sprinkled the dry onion soup mix over the mushroom soup so that as the meat cooked its juices would mix with the soups to make a sauce. She then baked the covered and sauced meat in a medium oven for two hours and complained later that she should have cooked the meat for four hours. As far as I was concerned the meat was adequately cooked.  The strands of meat fell apart with the light pull of a fork.

After the meat was in the oven Suzette tossed the diced vegetables in olive oil and salted them and baked them for about an hour covered with aluminum foil in the oven with the pot roast.

Marjorie came by around 4:00 to see Luke.  They met as students at Sarah Lawrence.  I was thrilled when she told me she was an avid reader of my blog and enjoyed it.  I told her, “I am inspired to keep blogging.”

                                                              Marjorie and Luke

At 5:00 we took a walk. Suzette and I  turned back after four blocks walked and waved goodbye to Luke and Marjorie.  The four block walk was my first since my operation and felt good, perhaps because I had eaten a sugar pill that gave my body an energy boost.

When we returned. We watched the news.  After the news and a BBC report on the impact of refugees on Swedish society I took a shower and shaved.

When I returned to the kitchen Willy and his friend Peter, who he roomed with and also was in his Master’s sustainable development curriculum at Dublin Institute of Technology, had arrived for
dinner.  Peter is visiting from Melbourne where he now lives and works, for a seminar in Santa Fe this week.  He was born and raised in Estonia, which once was a Swedish colony

                                                         Peter is the taller person

The dinner being ready, soon Suzette plated the roasted vegetables, I cut one of the two chunks of sauced meat and plated plates with meat, and Suzette served the plates and I poured a bottle of 2011 Vega de Origon Gran Reserva red From Spain’s Terra Alta Region located in the sparsely populated  west of Tarragona in the southernmost area of Catalonia inland from the Mediterranean coast.

Although Suzette did not like this bottle as much as earlier bottles of this wine, it is the cheapest Gran Reserva red I have ever bought.  It is a limited offering at Trader Joe’s for $5.99.  The cheapest Gran Reserva I have found in Albuquerque from Rioja are $17.99 and up.

Willy and Peter had taken a four mile hike high on the east side of the Sandia that was particularly challenging because of the deep snow and their lack of snow shoes, so by 8:30 they were ready to go home and rest.

We started watching the Wild card playoff game between Seattle and Dallas at the beginning of the fourth quarter, just as Dallas scored to go ahead.  Then in a tough drive Dallas scored again to go ahead by 10 points.  With just a couple minutes left, Seattle scored and converted for two points to bring the score to 22 to 24. Seattle flubbed an on side
Kick and Dallas won a squeaker.

We then actually stayed up to see the beginning of a Saturday Night Live and went to bed a bit after 11:00.

Here are pictures of the meat in its mushroom/onion sauce and the roasted vegetables.

Bon Appetit

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