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January 23, 2019 Breakfast – Duck Liver Omelet Lunch – East Ocean. Dinner – PPIs

January 23, 2019 Breakfast – Duck Liver Omelet  Lunch – East Ocean. Dinner – PPIs

I slept until 7:30 this morning.  I got dressed and took out the garbage.  Then I decided to make a duck liver omelet with the duck liver from inside the duck we roasted last Sunday.  I put the neck into the pot of broth and added water to cover and simmered it for several hours to enrich the stock.

I then minced ½ of a shallot and sliced several small potatoes and cut a handful of sugar snap peas in half, and sliced one large mushroom.  I also diced the duck liver.

I skimmed the duck fat from the pot of broth and melted it in a medium skillet with 2 oz.of butter.  When the butter was melted I added the the sugar snap peas, the potato slices, and the shallot.  A minute later I added the diced duck liver.  I sliced strips of Swiss Gruyere cheese and whipped four eggs and added white pepper and salt to the eggs.  I covered the ingredients with the eggs and after a couple more minutes lay slices of cheese on top of the egg.

I let the omelet cook for several minutes until it appeared stiff enough to turn.  It was so thick and heavy with ingredients that it broke apart when I tried to flip it but I patched it together somewhat.  Here are several pictures

I worked until 12:30 when Mike called and suggested we go to lunch at East Ocean.  I met him there at 1:00 and he was kind enough to let me order. I ordered Fried Tofu with mixed vegetables and Manila Clams in a Szechuan sauce with rice.   The ownership of a East Ocean has changed but the original chef remains in the kitchen cooking the same quality of food as always.

Mike and I ate two helpings of both dishes and I packed the remaining food into styrofoam boxes to take home.

After I left a East Ocean; I drove to Sprouts at San Mateo and Lomas to shop for food.  I bought sliced turkey breast for sandwiches, four Sweet Italian sausages at $2.99/lb., a gallon of Tiilemock Rocky Road ice-cream, two green bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, green beans, two large avocados, milk, and a lb. of chocolate covered pecans.

I returned home at around 4:45.  A little after 5:00 I walked about ½ mile to the country club and back.

I worked until Suzette arrived at 6:30.  She was hungry and decided to eat the ½ of the duck liver omelet I made for breakfast for her dinner.  I decided to eat the PPI salmon, Couscous, sugar snap peas, and cranberry from last night’s meal with the last of the Tuatea.

We were both tired and did not want to cook, so eating PPIs was a perfect dinner.  We each had a bowl of ice cream after dinner.  Here is a picture of mine garnished with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and rum.

Bon Appetit

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