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January 28, 2019 Lots of Leftovers Lunch – PPI Couscous, Brussels Sprouts and Steak, Dinner – Blue Corn, beef, Enchiladas and beans

January 28, 2019 Lots of Leftovers Lunch – PPI Couscous, Brussels Sprouts and Steak,  Dinner – Blue Corn, beef, Enchiladas and beans

Today I must have set the record for disposing of the greatest number of PPIs.

I ate biodynamic granola with tropical fruit salad and poured the remaining fruit salad into a much smaller bowl that created lots of room in the fridge.

For lunch I decided to eat the remaking Couscous, with the remaining Brussels Sprouts left from two weeks ago with four strips of steak left from last night’s dinner.  This created a huge plate of food, but I finished it.

After lunch I dozed off for a bit while I watched the Market shrug off all the good news of the end of the government shutdown and instead focus on less than wonderful earnings reports by Nvidia and Caterpiller and a report by China of a slowdown in production in the 4th quarter.  I lost almost all of Friday’s gain.

I am holding my breath until after Apple reports its 4th quarter earnings after the market closes on Tuesday.  My hope is that Apple’s warning of a slowdown in sales in China in December that drove the stock down 11 points in one day has priced in any shortfall in earnings and its earnings will not be a shock to its market price.

At 2:30 I went to physical therapy.  We did about a dozen exercises.  My favorite was the last one which was rising to my feet from a sitting position without the use of my hands.

When I returned home around 4:30 Suzette called to tell me she would not be home until after 7:30 due to a meeting in Belen.

While watching the news I realized that we had all the ingredients for blue corn beef enchiladas.

At around 6:00 I began cooking by dicing the last ½ onion in the fridge, which removed two bags of pieces of onion from the fridge.  I then sautéed about 2/3 lb. of ground beef with the onions and added about 1 tsp. of taco seasoning to the meat.

When the meat and onions were cooked I put some of the PPI Red chile sauce from Christmas in a small skillet with water and some of the bean water and softened three blue corn tortillas that I lay on a deep sided plate to form the base for the enchiladas.  I then lay a layer of beef and the last of a container of requeson (Mexican cottage cheese, used often in enchiladas) on the tortillas.

Then I softened three additional tortillas for the next layer on which I lay the rest of the beef and onions, plus the last slices of Iberico cheese.

I then softened a third set of three tortillas and put them on top of the second layer of beef and cheese. I then grated about 1 cup of another cheese I found in the fridge and sprinkled it on top of the third layer of tortillas.

I then added about 1/3 cup of the red Chile sauce to the skillet with the stewing medium and a bit more bean juice and poured that over the top of the stack of enchiladas and added a bit more Chile sauce to cover several areas of tortilla not coated with the chile sauce.

I put the plate on a cookie sheet and baked it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes until the sauce began to bubble and the cheese appeared melted.  Here is a picture.

The beans seemed soft after cooking them all day, so I filled a small bowl with beans and fetched the blue corn chips Aaron had brought last night and the container of guacamole Suzette made last night and had a wonderful dinner with a bottle of Negra Modelo, as I watched the news and the Antiques Roadshow. I was careful to leave ½ of the enchiladas for Suzette.

Suzette arrived soon after I got in bed at 8:00 to rest my sore muscles and work on my 2018 taxes.

Suzette ate the rest of the enchiladas with some of the beans for her dinner also and came to bed after her long tiring day of work at around 9:00, when we both went to sleep.

I felt good about using up two PPIs for lunch and three for dinner.  There is now lots more room in the fridge for the cooking we will do with Billy and Elaine, who arrive on Wednesday.

Bon Appetit

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