Monday, June 25, 2012

June 21 and 22 Vintage Albuquerque.

June 21 and 22  Vintage Albuquerque.

Thursday evening was a “To the Trade” wine tasting.  These were not the best wines but wines that were of exceptional quality for the price.  I tasted lots of really good $7 to $8.00 wines.  Some were better like Anne Amie Oregon Willamette Vaelley Yamhill District Pinot Noir, but the emphasis was on price.  Many importers were discounting their wines.

As I walked around the ball room at the Hilton (now Crown Royale) Hotel, I had a déjà vu image of being approached in the market in Marrakesh by a drug dealer saying, “I have good shit, Do you want to try some?” Everyone was super friendly and trying to get us to try their wine.

June 22,

We went to the Grand Tasting on Friday evening with the intent to pick up bottles for Suzette’s walkway at the new organic garden, but we had to try some of the wine and food first.  My favorite dish was the last one I tried from Nob Hill Diner.  It was a duck confit taco served with fresh cilantro and a jalapeno and habanero infused orange juice sauce.  There was elk tenderloin garnished with sautéed Jerusalem artichokes and a lovely shrimp smothered in a kale and greens sautéed in vinaigrette sauce.   There were over 100 wines, so I lost track of the best ones.  My favorite again was the Anne Amie Oregon Pinot Noir.

Bon Appétit     

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